Formed in 2008, Vox Populi is a community choir in Sonoma, California and the brainchild of local musician, Mark Dennis. The choir has swelled to over 60 fun-loving, talented singers who perform multi-harmony versions of well-known rock and roll songs. Their powerful performance with sweet harmonies and memorable tunes have brought both smiles and tears to sold-out audiences. Come join the fun!

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 "Time of the Season" (Sonoma Community Center, 2012)

Vox&PlanBe AbbeyRd3

"Eleanor Rigby"  (Sebastiani Theatre 2012)

Excepts from the Higher Ground Concert, May 20, 2013

Excepts from the Higher Ground Concert, May 22, 2013

Vox Populi performs "Spinning Wheel”  Sept 28, 2014

Plan Be      Vox Populi is fortunate to be backed by the amazing talent of Plan Be, a wonderful group of local, fun-loving musicians who are multi-versed at playing a wide range of musical genres.  Plan Be rocks...and we love to rock with them!

Plan Be edited

Ed McKee (percussion), Mario Ramirez (guitar), Cliff Zyskowski (keyboards), Richard Neiss (bass), Mark Willson (guitar/mandolin), Dave McKee (drums)

Plan Be Mark

   Mark Dennis, Vox Populi Director, and Plan Be.